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Bay Area Property Preservation LLC

Welcome to Bay Area Property Preservation LLC. We are a fully licensed and insured limited liability company. We provide full service property preservation, REO maintenance and repair services, where our team takes pride on meeting and or exceeding your property preservation needs to help protect, preserve and transform your assets.

Bay Area Property Preservation LLC provides property preservation protection for homeowners, lenders and field service management. In addition, we are a result driven company that is dedicated to help Mortgage Services, Lenders and Homeowners succeed by providing maximum coverage, timely service and proficient property management skills. 

Making Bay Area Property Preservation LLC your first and only logical choice, which let's you, the customer, experience the quality of the company we are so pleased to inform you about. 

Our services may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Securing property
  2. Maintenance of pro
  3. Confirm vacancy and eviction services. 
  4. Change locks on exterior doors, rear/secondary door on main dwelling. 
  5. Secure all outbuildings, swimming pools  and detached garages. 
  6. Board up doors, windows and access points. 
  7. Evaluate the property for interior and exterior damages. 
  8. Complete all necessary preservation work within the allowable.  
  9. Shut water off at curbside and main interior water supply 
  10. Interior and Exterior painting
  11. Roofing professionals
  12. Remodels
  13. Cottage Care
  14. Winterizations
  15. Trash outs, waste removal, junk, tires, automobiles and more.
  16. Janitorial services-carpets, windows, removal of vandalism, construction clean up.
  17. Pest extermination.
  18. Mold Remediation.
  19. Repair damages to property
  20. Powerwashing
  21. Real estate and property management
  22. Property Services


Securing Property

From the moment a property is entrusted to Bay Area Property Preservation LLC, our primary goal is to protect and maintain the asset. We conduct a thorough inspection, confirm that the property is vacant and then change the exterior locks. Broken windows are boarded, doors are repaired or boarded, pools and other potential hazards are taken care of and the property is thoroughly secured in accordance with investor, insurer and client guidelines. Winterization is also performed if applicable and final reports are generated with supporting documentation, photos and details.


Maintenance and Transformation of Property

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